An abiding curiosity in the mysteries of magic and illusion was deeply ingrained in Julian’s heart and mind since childhood. As a child, all of his surroundings fascinated him as magical secrets to be learned.  His first real exposure to the “how” behind the magic occurred quite naturally when he found a little pamphlet that taught performance of some simple some sleight of hand tricks with cards and coins. His hands were too small to proficiently perform the tricks so the ever-inventive Julian trimmed the cards to his size. Once he was able to perform convincingly in front of a skeptical audience, (his friends and family), he was hooked.

Julian has performed at schools; parties; special events; the Philippine Embassy; the Old Post Office Pavilion; and in clubs and restaurants where he plays music. His magic performances have added another dimension to his live entertainment shows by inviting audience participation.  Because of the enthusiastic response from his various audiences, Julian still performs magic whenever he has the opportunity to entertain.