Julian M. Oteyza has been motivated, almost since birth to understand his environment utilizing his mental perceptions, thoughts and abstract concepts and then communicate his findings with others.  This driving curiosity has created a genuine need to locate the beautiful in his vision and then share that with as many other people as he is able to reach using his art; his music; his magic; his inventions; and his very real interest in other persons’ thoughts and perceptions.


You are invited to view the paintings  horizontally, vertically or whichever way you choose. There is no wrong way to see these paintings.

Where did it originate?

Dislexart invites you to visit the mind of Julian Oteyza where art is just another lens to view your surroundings.

What is it?

Dislexart is a celebration of differing points of view – a combination of invention and imagination,  that gently invites you to “see” things from a different perspective. Each painting or group of paintings rotate on their frames to celebrate artistic diversity and offers the viewer a fresh point  of view with each rotation

Julian’s true function in life is to make life more interesting and beautiful for him self and for every sensitive soul who cares to join him in his  explorations of experiential interpretation.